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boas provides a complete and fully customized leadership development service.

We work in partnership with you to meet your unique needs.

Our starting point is the organization’s core strategic challenge, in the context of current economic and political trends. We bring key players together and facilitate your leadership’s analytical and creative thinking. This enables deep understanding of the present and a clear, shared view of the future. This is the basis for identifying both gaps and pockets of potential: in organizational culture, decision-making processes and leadership capabilities. The gaps are addressed and the potential nurtured, in an integrated coaching partnership™. This unique process includes advisory dialogue, senior team facilitation and individual coaching.

The process is fully customized for each client; we develop a company-specific coaching model which is continuously updated through our structured evaluation and feedback process. Our service ensures the alignment and integration of individual, team and organizational transformation. Our approach is simultaneously diagnostic and developmental. Ongoing needs analysis may give rise to further activities, ranging from talent management to large-scale events, leadership skills workshops, visioning the future, succession planning, or a constructive critique of core business processes.

Every stage of the process addresses your real issues, in a co-creative dialogue that addresses weaknesses while identifying and making the most of individual and organizational strengths.


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The programme was very stimulating and relevant to my work.


Dr. Raj Murthi MRCGP

General Practitioner of Medicine National Health Service (UK)

Your Customized Program

Step by Step

  • Evaluate strategic challenge and current context
  • Define key players and core strengths
  • Clarify goals and success indicators
  • Identify critical gaps and pockets of potential
  • Define a unique process and coaching model
  • Close gaps and nurture potential through individual, team and organizational development
  • Analyse themes and provide strategic feedback
  • Assess and evaluate progress and requirements
  • Manage diagnostic and development cycles
  • Provide closure and support for ongoing on-the-job training
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