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Being financially free isn’t just about making money. You also have to manage it well. The Strive podcast dives deep into saving, investing, and building lasting wealth.

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Most of our coaching dialogues take place in the context of an integrated coaching partnership (icp™). This powerful and innovative process combines the confidentiality and depth of one-to-one coaching with the strategic focus of team and organisational development.

An icp™ ensures that individual development is aligned with the organisation’s strategic direction. We partner with you to provide and integrate leadership coaching, senior team learning and wider organisational development.

While maintaining confidentiality, we analyse and diagnose themes that emerge across the different coaching dialogues. On the basis of these, we provide senior team coaching and strategic feedback. These lead to further team and organisational learning, and effective change management.


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"The boas coaching has helped me to become a better and more open leader, making me more aware of how others see me and ready to adapt my leadership style accordingly."

- Maggie Morrison
   Managing Director, Netherlands Cisco Systems

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